Thursday, February 26, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

Watching Katy at a basketball game, Let's go Katy, Let's go, hoo hoo! You should hear them. :)

Taking off with the wagon, "no we don't want to ride in the wagon, we want to push and pull it down the hill, watch out grammy, here we come!"


Ok, so I know it's been over a month since my last post. I'm terrible at this thing, but we have lots of stories to tell. So let's start with today since it's the most fresh in my mind. The girls had their parent's as teachers visit and she tested Riley on her developmental skills and she passed with flying colors. The girls are now saying over 75 words and will repeat most everything you say even if they don't understand what you may have said. Addie still babbles more like she's just having a conversation, but Riley is more deliberate when she talks and annunciates a lot more. She's met or exceeded all of the requirements for their age. They even showed off and jumped up and down which is a daily activity in our house as that is part of their routine for dancing. Which is still hilarious as when any music comes on and Addie starts dancing and makes sure to include everyone else, "sissy dance, mommy dance, daddy dance". Now that would be a video worth blackmail. :) Addie is pretty much potty trained these days except for naps and nighttime. So she's a big girl in pullups everyday so it's easier on mom and the grandmas. Riley could care less and just wants the candy, although we're out of m and m's and Addie's still going strong, so I think she's got it. They had their last session of gymnastics tonight. They were in the two's class because I work late on Tuesdays when their agegroup has class with their parents. So in the two's they go in by themselves and it's cute to watch them listen and follow directions and wait their turn to go on the different equipment. They are growing up right before our eyes. :) They're still working on their ABC's and Happy Birthday for daddy's birthday next week. Week after that I'm getting my gallbladder removed, thank goodness for no more excrutiating attacks. So that should be interesting no lifting for 2 weeks, yeah right, did I mention I have TWO 22 month olds. :) They love the park and Riley is fearless as she screams at the little boy from the bottom and jumps up and down and stomps her feet, "my slide"! Don't know where she gets that from. Someone asked me today if they ever fight and thankfully they don't as Riley usually just lets Addie have whatever she wants except when it comes to babies, Abby's, and doggies. I took their binky's away a couple of months ago and now they get up at the crack of dawn wanting "pancakes, pancakes". TV is a terrible thing especially when they only want to watch 3 things, Elmo, Pooh, and Veggie Tales! Ah, Brad loves it, not!! That's all for today, I'm pooped. I'll post pics and videos soon. Hugs to all!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sick Kids, Fun Times

Addie was sick last week and has her first ear infection. Not bad, we lasted 20 months. But since she's been on antibiotics she's steadily improved. However, it also seems in the last week that their mouths have exploded. They repeat everything we say, so be careful. My favorites are asking Riley a question, and getting "I don't know and here we go" and Addie says "I get down, sit down, and that's my sissy or that's my daddy". Some of their funny words are bummer dude and whoopsidoodle (from Grammy of course). Riley also sings her ABC's up to G. I'll have to get that and them racing from the doorway through the hall on video. Such a fun age, I just had to share and mark the memory. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She went potty, she went potty!!

Hip hip hooray! Carol called me today at work to tell me Riley went potty today on the potty chair. Now we've been running in there for the last week, usually after they had already gone. And I'm not pushing them, this is something they've started on their own. So today, Addie said she had to go so they ran in there and Addie didn't go, but Riley wanted to sit and all of a sudden the music started to play. Where was that when we were younger? So they danced around and took pictures which I'll post at a later date, just wanted to mark the date. Riley's new words for the week are turtle, blue, and purple and is able to identify them when given different objects. So yeah, she's not colorblind (Brad is) and although it's usually passed through moms to their sons, you never know. :) Addie's not feeling well so she's been quieter than usual, but still likes to dance and pump her fist. We were watching We Are Marshall the other day and she learned the fist pump and made us rewind it ten times. I'm not exaggerating! :) So that's cute, and we've changed it to "Let's go, eagles" for aunt Katy and her basketball team. Addie still babbles more, but Riley says more actual words: coat, hat, tent, bite, bike, bowl, turtle, Elmo, up, off, out, book, blue purple, cup, fork, Amen. Addie can say book, bike, up, down, more, coat, dog, and Amen. That's all for now, just wanted to give a quick update.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and safe and Happy New Year! We had a wonderful time with family and friends. The girls still don't totally get it, but they thoroughly enjoyed unwrapping gifts. As Addie would say "more, more, more". They were very cute and thankful to all for all of their fun presents. They love to play in their new kitchen and have very wild imaginations, cooking, cleaning, setting the table, etc. They think they are so big and like to try to dress themselves like putting on their "coats and boots". They still love their books the most, but this morning we played with play-dough and colored with crayons and markers. Yikes!! Ok, enough babble on with the pictures. Oh, I almost forgot, but Addie did her first independent forward roll on Christmas and has been rolling ever since! Riley tries, but still does a bit of a twist. Too funny, I'll be sure to post a pic. :)